My Fantasy band - Peter Hook, ex-New Order

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Vocals - Iggy Pop
As well as being a fantastic songwriter, he lives the rock 'n' roll dream... or nightmare! When I was in New Order we played with the Stooges and we were so terrified to talk to Iggy, we couldn't do it.

Guitar - Mick Ronson
His playing perfectly complemented Bowie's vocals. One of my favourite DVDs is of Bowie's last concerts that they played in London, just before they split up.

Keyboards - Brian Eno
His soundscapes have always fascinated me. His solo work is very underrated and he's a pioneer of sound. I loved when he used to play keyboards at the same time as mixing the sound for Roxy Music.

Bass - John Entwistle
When you listen to The Who, John's bass was just as important as the guitar, which is how it should be. I got the opportunity to meet him once and, again, I was too scared to go over to him. He died the following week.

Drums - Keith Moon
I stayed at the hotel he used to own and a worker told me that Keith would come to the hotel on his motorbike and ride it up the corridors waking everyone up and dragging them to the bar. I'd have him for his party antics and his wonderful drumming.

The Haçienda: How Not To Run A Club by Peter Hook is published by Simon & Schuster