My Fantasy Band: Richard Archer, Hard-Fi

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Bass - James Jamerson

Playing on all those Motown records, he has been so influential. If you're trying to write a few hits and he's sitting there knocking out all those amazing bass lines, that can't hurt. He's probably been on more hits than anybody. I've always loved that music. For me it's all about beats and bass lines, maybe more than guitar riffs.

Piano - Dr John

I went to New Orleans recently and he specialises in all that jazz, bluesy stuff the city is famous for. He started off as a session guitarist but he had one of his fingers shot off in some bar-room argument so he turned to playing the piano. He played on tons of great records, like the Rolling Stones' 'Exile on Main St.' He's a real character and a devastatingly good pianist.

Guitar - Jack White

Because I've got a few older dudes I thought I should get someone a bit younger and newer to even it out. He's still got that bluesy vibe and he manages to get some pretty crazy sounds out of his equipment; he always comes up with something that you would never think of but it manages to feel timeless as well as brand new.

Drums - Topper Headon

He drummed for The Clash and it's amazing to watch him, because he's so solid and yet he'll be playing hardcore punk tunes. He'll throw in a hip-hop beat or jazz, reggae or disco – he had it all down. He had his own personality. The drums on 'The Guns of Brixton' are amazing.

Vocals - Sam Cooke

One of my all-time favourite singers. Obviously he's got a real soul voice but it's also soft and some people might question whether he'd fit into this band. Yet if you listen to his 'Live At the Harlem Square Club, 1963' record, it is very raw, just him going for it and it's absolutely amazing.

Hard-Fi's new album, 'Killer Sounds', is out on Monday on Atlantic Records.