My Fantasy Band: Rob Thomas

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Vocals - Robert Plant
But the Robert Plant from 1972. He had moves then that nobody else had and a voice that created what rock singers wanted to sound like from that point on. The lead singer has to be a good frontman and in his day he was the best.

Guitar - The Edge
I'd love to get a guitar player who was a solid guy as well as a good player and the Edge is a wall of sound. He uses amazing tones and he makes his guitar sound like so many different instruments and there's such a rhythmic element to everything he plays that I think it would be a different vibe for any musician to be around.

Bass - Tony Levin
He has played with a ton of people but the stuff he did with Pater Gabriel was so solid. Astounding stuff.

Keyboards - Chester Thompson
He's Carlos Santana's keyboardist. He's your consummate kind of jam-band keyboard player but he can also play "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and make you cry. That's what's important. The best players are the ones who can play a million miles a minute but don't.

Drums - Dennis Chambers
He plays with Carlos too. He plays all over the place but he knows the importance of being steady and that's important in rock'n'roll.

Rob Thomas's new album, 'Cradlesong', is out on 30 June