My Fantasy Band: Romeo Stodart, The Magic Numbers

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Vocals - Bob Marley
His voice really talks to you. I'd like it to be a harmony group with Stevie Nicks and Emmylou Harris on back-up vocals. They'd all sound pretty sweet together.

Guitar - Neil Young
He's been a huge influence on me. He has such an effortless way of playing and his style is so weird. No one plays likes him. He could just do his country thing.

Bass - Michele Stodart
I'd have my sister and bandmate, Michele, on bass. Michele is badass on the bass and if she knew I'd put together my fantasy band and not included her she'd probably kill me.

Drums - Bernard Purdie
He used to drum for people like Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye and on a ton of other Motown tracks but he's still going now. I'm kind of obsessed with him and watch endless clips of him on YouTube.

Piano - Tom Waits
He's not that flash on the piano but he makes it feel so homely. He reminds me of my grandmother when she used to play. He could entertain the crowd by telling stories in between songs. He looks dead cool, too.