My Fantasy Band: Rou Reynolds, Enter Shikari

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Vocals - Colin Doran

He's the singer with Hundred Reasons, whose music and vocals have been a big influence on me. It's makes us really nostalgic as a band. His voice is really gritty but emotional and soft at the same time. He also has awesome hair.

Backing vocals - Cedric Bixler-Zavala

Also has great hair. He sang for At The Drive-In and has to be one of the most entertaining frontmen ever. He's not the most amazing singer but he's so creative and his lyrics are unbelievable; he's a walking thesaurus.

Guitar - Ben Weinman

He plays for the Dilinger Escape Plan and is so gifted and technical, without being up himself. I think he's the brain behind the music – it's really rhythmic – but, on stage, he's an absolute nutcase. I don't know how he performs note for note and still runs around like a lunatic.

DJ - Liam Howlett

The Prodigy have also had a huge influence on us. They have incredible sub-bass and bass line and electronics and synths, so he could cover all of that.

Drummer - Mitch Mitchell

He was The Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer, among others. Very no frills but had a solid beat and felt the groove.

Enter Shikari have donated their dream festival playlist in support of anti-poverty charity ActionAid. Visit www.actionaid. to download tracks