My Fantasy Band: Rumer

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Vocals & Guitar - Chan Marshall

Or I should use her recording name, Cat Power. She's one of my favourite singers: she's so real and her voice is so raw; she's emotional and she's soulful. But she's got a real life story and she had a very interesting upbringing. I just feel like she puts her soul into her performances.

Keys - Steve Winwood

I'd also like Steve Winwood (below) to play the Hammond organ. He's just amazing, I would use the word genius. When you listen to his playing, you just think: "How is it possible for a human being to be that gifted, that talented?" He is supernaturally talented and everything he touches is otherworldly. I remember when I first heard some Spencer Davis Group records, I didn't realise that Steve Winwood was playing the Hammond as well and, when I found out, I couldn't believe it. Even if he didn't sing and he just played piano and the Hammond, he would be a famous player. I'd love to hear him perform with Chan.

Bass - Jaco Pastorius

He wasa very interesting musician andbroke a lot of rules and had anunbelievable touch on the bass –an unusual way of interpreting music – and I think that would be an interesting combination. He played a lot with Joni Mitchell and really had his own unique style. He wasan interesting character and hedied quite tragically.

Drums - James Gadson

I'm not sure how it would work – it might mean that Chan would have to get funky but James played with some great people, including Bill Withers and Paul McCartney, and is one of the greatest drummers that has ever lived. He had the most soulful and sensual touch on the drums, just right on the money.

Rumer's single "Take Me As I Am" is out now. Rumer plays the Roundhouse, London, as part of the iTunes Festival on Monday. (