My Fantasy Band: Russell Marsden, Band of Skulls


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Drums - John Bonham
For the fact that he was such a musical badass, inventive, intense and our drummer, Matt, will have a real problem with me if I pick another drummer that's not Bonham.

Guitar - Jimi Hendrix
It has to be Hendrix. What can I say, other than he is the most groundbreaking and original guitar player, and a huge inspiration to me.

Vocals - Josh Homme
The arrangements and harmonies on everything he does, whether it's Queens of the Stone Age or Eagles of Death Metal or Them Crooked Vultures, adds so much to his music... and always with a kick-in-the-head delivery. Plus he's already been in a band with John Paul Jones.

Theremin - Clara Rockmore
For an unearthly twist, I'd like Clara Rockmore to head up a quartet of theremins, in place of the string section. She brings so much feel and emotion to what is often seen as a sound effect for old B movies.

Bass - Jack White I want him on bass just because he's proven himself everywhere else within a band. I'd be interested to see where he'd go with four strings (or one for that matter). In my mind he'd still bring the blues, whatever you give him to play, and own it. Could Jack produce the band in Nashville? And cut it straight to vinyl, please.

Band of Skulls release their new album, 'Sweet Sour', in February. They tour the UK throughout February and March.