My Fantasy Band: Scott Hutchison, Frightened Rabbit

'Nick Cave is the quintessential frontman'

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Vocals: Nick Cave

He's the quintessential frontman. I love watching him and obviously this band would have amazing lyrics and the performances would be intense. He lends a gravitas to everything that he does; he's one of my favourite wordsmiths and I'd love to have him around.

Drums: Bryan Devendorf

The National's drummer is one of the most original drummers I've heard in years; I love the way he plays, and they're one of my favourite bands. He also seems like quite a calming force. I've got a couple of intense people in this band and, even though I've only met Bryan a couple of times, he seems very laid-back and relaxed so I thought I'd like to have him around for that reason as well.

Bass: Walter Gervers

I had to listen to Foals a lot before I realised how incredible his playing is. He would bring a youthful energy because a lot of these other guys are older. The more I listen to that band the more impressed I am, not only by him but the rhythm section entirely. I think he could lend a contemporary aesthetic to things.

Guitar: Josh Homme

Not only is he a fantastic player but he seems very bloody-minded and I guess he'd bring a certain sense of swagger to the whole thing and every band kind of needs that. I'd like for the band to sound heavy and he could do that.

Keys: Damon Albarn

He can lend himself seemingly to any type of project in a very subtle and tasteful and artistic way. Much like Bryan, he might be a calming force in the band but he would bring a great deal. I'm gonna be the roadie so I can hang out with them, yeah?


Frightened Rabbit's new album, 'Pedestrian Verse', is out now. They tour the UK until the end of February. Details at