My Fantasy Band: Tiga

‘There’s a fair chance that this line-up would be a train wreck’

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Vocals: Prince

I think I have to go with him because he's the best. I like the idea of having very powerful, egomaniacal characters to be Prince's back-up singers, such as Van Morrison and Mick Jagger. And they'd have to wear matching outfits and do synchronised moves. Imagine how much they'd hate that.

Drummer: Phil Collins

I was always intrigued by the drummer from Def Leppard who had one arm. But I kind of want Phil Collins. So can I have Phil Collins with one arm?

Bass: Bernard Edwards

The bass player in Chic was just great. He knew how to make an amazing groove; it never got boring. I hope Phil can keep up his end of the bargain with this guy.

Guitar: John Frusciante

I'll go for John Frusciante who used to play for Red Hot Chili Peppers. I hate Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I like him. His solo albums are actually really good. He's a cool guy. I want him to dress like Steve Stevens, Billy Idol's guitarist.

Songwriters: Leonard Cohen & Morrissey

I don't know how that would work exactly, but I want them to write all the songs together. They're my favourite lyricists. If it gets a bit depressing, Prince will turn that around.

Producer: Conny Plank

He was a German producer who started out working on a lot of the Krautrock stuff. There's a fair chance this line-up would be a train wreck, but they're going to look great. I'm going for impact.

Tiga's new mix CD, 'Tiga Non Stop', is out now