New music to listen to this week: Esse

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It's a double bill this week: Following on from our Blanco White premiere on Tuesday we're putting out the new video from Esse for the song 'Deep Heart'.

The artist is releasing his debut on 31 March and 'Deep Heart' will feature.

The video for the song is chilling, stark; filmed on the Jurassic South Coast near the Purbecks in England, the stormy, otherworldly imagery is the perfect accompaniment to Esse's mournful vocals. 

Watch the video below:

Q&A with Esse

What are you listening to at the moment?

Right this second I'm listening to Sigur Ros 'Hoppipolla', frequently I decide this to be a good way to start the day. 

What are your plans for 2017?

My plans for 2017 are currently to finish off writing and recording my sister's album, whilst soaking in as much of the Los Angeles sun as possible.

But we seem to of caught the record breaking rainfalls and our studio is just around the corner from a couple of car engulfing sink holes. Then once I'm back in March, I'll be jumping into rehearsal prepping to play a few Esse gigs while producing the next EP. 

What was the first gig you ever played and what’s been the best so far?

My first gig was at a venue called The Dorchester Arms, Southampton when I was 15, I'll be back playing with the drummer I played with that night 'Chiminyo' for the Esse shows, which I cannot wait for!

I can't define one certain gig as the best but possibly the most shambolic was a gig on a Thames river boat for UCL's threshers.

By the 2nd song, a reasonably large ship steamed past us, sending half of the drunken students onto us and our gear. The electricity happened to also cut out at that moment, leaving me and the guys I was playing with amid a dark, rocking, highly uncomfortable bundle of dribbling threshers on the deck.