Observations: Clubland goes Bite-sized

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Who says London's clubland is dead? Certainly not Lydia Butler, hostess and DJ at Bite, a new night at the Soho venue Punk. Butler made her name by playing to up a thousand every Saturday at Holborn's After School night. Bite's inaugural evening, on Monday, offered up cheap drinks, more girls than boys, a BBC3 film crew, photographers from Vice and model scouts galore.

Those in attendance were generally under 30, wore hats or gravity-defying hair and layers of make-up. The night began at eight with a "showbiz quiz" (prizes included meals at upmarket eateries and free drinks) followed by a medley of four DJs playing everything from Kanye West to Animal Collective and Squarepusher. By the evening's hazy conclusion, all and sundry were on their feet. "The philosophy is that there's no point going home drunk at 11 on a Monday night, you might as well go home at three," said one reveller. The recovery has begun.