Observations: Rosie Oddie follows in her father's musical footsteps

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Prepare yourselves for the latest daughter of a familiar face trying her luck in the music world. Rosie Oddie, daughter of TV twitcher Bill, comes with a husky singing voice. Her first appearance came rather tentatively a couple of years back as Rosie Oddie and the Odd Squad. Her band has forged a denser, more complex sound than their previous ska-pop shtick. It better suits this former schoolmate of Peaches Geldof's gritty, rock'n'roll vocal, that nods more to Skunk Anansie than Lily Allen.

Oddie has renamed her outfit Oddyssey and, having graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, is keen to take a multi-disciplinary approach. Debut EP "Black America" is accompanied by an exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall to reflect its theme of financial collapse. "We're going to turn it into a bank with money strewn everywhere and people wandering around doing peculiar things," she says. "It'll be a visual extension of what we do musically."

She is clearly not embarrassed by her lineage – Bill was the musical Goodie and had a single on John Peel's Dandelion Records – though she points out it is far from a guaranteed bonus. "People will listen to us because of my name, but others won't take me seriously. It opens some doors, but closes others."

'Black America' is out now on Recession. Oddyssey exhibit at Shoreditch Town Hall on 26 November.