One-click Wonder: DIY cover versions

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Last week, YouTube shocked British web users with its decision to take down all professional music videos following its row with the Performing Rights Society. Lucky, then, there are DIY cover versions like these to watch instead...

Europe’s "Final Countdown"

What this take on their 1986 hit "The Final Countdown" lacks in pop polish, it makes up for with the novelty crapness of the Kazookeylele - a hybrid of a baby piano, a ukulele, and a kazoo, for the uninitiated.

Coldplay’s "Clocks"

Here’s Chris Martin and co’s 2002 hit as re-interpreted by a string quartet: a performance which at the very least scores points for dispensing with the original’s faux-profound lyrics and strained vocals.

Radiohead medley

Wondering where Thom Yorke et al got the inspiration for that marching band in their recent Grammys performance? Look no further than this stirring 2006 medley created by the Pride of Arizona troupe.

Queen’s "Bohemian..."

Who needs instruments, anyway? Certainly not Gerry Miller, one of the world’s leading hand musicians or "manualists", whose impressively flatulent-sounding oeuvre includes a soaring "Bohemian Rhapsody".

MGMT’s "Kids"

Fresh on the site is this iPhone-driven cover of the Brooklyn hipsters’ most recent single, from unsigned London girl band/"YouTube sensations" the Mentalists. Desperate gimmickry, I hear you say? Not a bit of it.