One Click Wonder: In it for the money?

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With a reunited Blur and a resurgent Oasis competing to be 2009’s hottest musical tickets, Britpop’s second coming is nearly upon us. In anticipation of this, here are some other bands whom we’d like to see joining the revival party...


No Britpop celebration would be complete without these mod wannabes, the most notorious victims of the movement’s tsunami of hype, whose good looks couldn’t stop their star fading as quickly as it rose.

The Boo Radleys

Formerly obscure shoegazers, the Radleys hit pay dirt with brazenly upbeat/maddeningly irritating 1995 chart-topper "Wake Up Boo!", whose nostalgia-inducing infectiousness makes it a perfect revival anthem.


Culture Show presenter Lauren Laverne fronted these bubblegum pop-punkers, tagged a "big bunch of sex" by Courtney Love. Forget the Spice Girls: herein lay the real essence of Nineties Girl Power.


This joyously grandiose, glam-inspired outfit knocked Blur off No 1 with their 1997 debut album. That they never enjoyed the arena-sized audiences of Albarn and co remains one of the era’s greatest injustices.