One Click Wonder: John "Mitch" Mitchell

John "Mitch" Mitchell died last week at the age 61. A drumming virtuoso, he shot to fame in the Jimi Hendrix Experience and went on to work with some of the most famous names in rock. Here we celebrate his life in video
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Drum Solo, 1969

If Hendrix was 'The Wild Man of Pop', Mitchell was no shrinking sidekick. This one-and-a-half minute solo from a Swedish gig sees him teetering on the edge between music-making and demonic possession.

Mitchell on Hendrix

Onstage, they worked in joyous synergy but offstage, it was a rather different story. In this 1973 interview, Mitchell reflects on a historic partnership as emotionally fractious as it was musically intimate.

The Mitch Technique

With his pioneering fusion of jazz and rock styles, Mitch has inspired generations of stick wielders. That includes this US Youtuber, offering a lesson in the art of the "the Mitchell rock 'n' roll drum beat".

Hendrix in the hot seat

As if enacting some kind of bizarre band therapy session, Mitchell and bandmate Noel Redding grill Hendrix about playing guitar with his teeth, putting spells on white boys, and why he grows his "hair like that".

The Dirty Mac, 'Yer Blues'

Assembled for 1968 TV special 'Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus', this rock supergroup paired Mitchell with Lennon, Richards and Clapton. Here's a clip from their first and only ever live performance.