One Direction, two careers: Can Louis Tomlinson be a pop star and a footballer at the same time?


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Dreams. Most of us never fulfill any. But now One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has aced two of the most common boyhood desires - to be a footballer and a member of a globally successful boy band - in one fell swoop (and at the tender age of 21).

In what appears to be a shameless publicity stunt for Sky Sports' programme of visiting all 92 Football League clubs in one day ahead of the new season, it was announced that Tomlinson had signed for his home club Doncaster.

The X Factor alumni (along with Niall, Zayn, Harry and Liam), who hails from Doncaster and is an avid fan, has been awarded the club's number 28 shirt after signing a contract on the eve of the new Football League season.

Doncaster's season gets underway on Saturday when they host Blackpool, although the chances of Tomlinson actually playing are thought to be around zero. However, spies tell us he may play in a reserve match in September or October.

So, should a pop star professing to be going in One Direction, be allowed to take this football diversion? Take our poll, above.

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