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What's occurring?

A new series of Gavin & Stacey. But don't get too excited – it's an American adaptation. Ruth Jones and James Corden, pictured, won't be reprising the roles they created as Nessa and Smithy. Instead, the pair will act as executive producers. Given how Corden's career has taken off, acting in the US remake would look like a step back.

What's the point?

Ricky Gervais made no secret of how lucrative the US version of The Office proved to be, despite his apparently minimal involvement. Jane Tranter, head of BBC Worldwide, said that while two previous attempts to rebrand the show for US television had failed, the Fox network's bid could work.

What changes will be made?

It wouldn't make sense for the series to feature a boy from Essex and a girl from South Wales. But Ms Tranter refused to disclose where in America the new characters will be from.

Can it succeed?

The Office remake did well, but history is not on its side. Only Fools and Horses, Men Behaving Badly and One Foot in the Grave all failed, and The Inbetweeners was given a critical drubbing.