Panda Bear: My fantasy band

‘Brian May would sing a bit and play synths as well if he’d like’

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Electronics and production - Delia Derbyshire

There’s nothing more exciting in music than an adventurous and brave spirit.

Vocals and performance - James Brown

James could sing and act as band leader. He seems pretty good at getting everyone on the same page and I like the “everything serves the rhythm” approach.

Guitar and electronics - Bjorn Copeland

Bjorn plays in a band called Black Dice. He’s got an inventive approach to the guitar and is always coming up with cool sounds. Perhaps he’d bring a geometric eye to the process here. Bjorn also makes really great visual art.


Drums - Carlton Barrett

Carlton played with the Wailers and is known as the inventor of the one drop rhythm. I like the rhythmic bent of reggae and dub music and I like how relaxed the rhythms feel.

Bass - Cliff Burton

Cliff was the original bassist for Metallica. I like the energy of his playing and of the band in their early stages. There’s an aggression to it that I’m really into.

Lead guitar - Brian May

Brian would sing a bit and play synths as well if he’d like. “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champions” are certainly two of my favourite pieces of music.

Panda Bear plays the Brixton Electric, London SW9, on 4 March. His album, ‘Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper’, is out now on Domino