Pictures: Sprog rock! Do the kids cut it in the style stakes?

Paul Weller took his kids to the Mojo awards this week – and they did the Modfather proud. But how do other musicians' offspring fare in the style stakes? By Rob Sharp
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Growing up isn't easy – especially when your father is one of the country's coolest rock stars. How can you, like, assert your individuality if your dad was once a member The Style Council and has a haircut so timelessly trendy it has spawned lesser imitators for 30 years? Or put more simply, how is it possible to "out-Mod" the "Modfather"?

This week, that was the problem facing former Jam frontman Paul Weller's son Natt, when he was pictured with his 50-year-old father at London's Mojo awards. But Natt (who, like his sister Leah, also pictured, is the result of Weller's partnership with backing singer Dee C Lee) had his own style going on. His angular bone structure, straightened hair, full-length Parka, and oversized shades, were more than enough to give his Cockney old man a run for his bees and honey.

It's a similar story with Weller's teenage daughter Leah, who wore a two-tone dress (and big sulky pout), to the same ceremony. Weller's sartorial genes must be rather dominant. Recently he bragged of another of his offspring: "My youngest lad is about three, but he naturally has a Mod haircut. You wash it and dry it and it's just there. Brilliant! You always hope you can pass something good on to your kid."

All of which begs the question: does every rock star boast cool progeny? Looking at the careers of rock'n'roll's nippers, there seems to be a mixed bag of success. While many children of musicians, with their copious cash and fashion-designer buddies, should have no excuse for looking like dorks, their trend-setting success varies.

There are only a handful whom one could label as "cool". Heading the list is Jakob Dylan, son of Bob, who is the lead singer of Grammy-winning American rock band The Wallflowers. He's made the cover of Rolling Stone, and his band's 1996 album Bringing Down the Horse went platinum several times over.

Fashionable, too, is Stella McCartney, who, as a critically acclaimed designer, dresses some of the world's most glamorous women. Then there's Lizzie Jagger. While not exactly edgy, Mick and Jerry's daughter is an attractive role model for many young women. Signed to IMG Models, one of the world's best known modelling agencies, she has fronted campaigns for Spanish fashion chain Mango and Lancôme. She fares better than Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod, who in 2005 was labelled by Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) one of the worst-dressed women in the world due to her "tacky affinity for fur".

Next come the "debatably cools". Jade Jagger is scarcely out of the gossip columns, but often not for reasons she would like. Although she was once an It-girl and jewellery designer, her foray into her own "lifestyle venture concept" – Jezebel – speaks of desperate publicity-seeking.

To her number we add Zac Starkey, the mod-coiffed former drummer in Oasis, and son of Ringo Starr (left). Although he looks the part, it is debatable whether Liam 'n' Noel are the bastion of cool that they once were. Tyrone Wood, son of Ron, has an exhibition of his paintings at a London gallery. He's good-looking, but it remains to be seen if he'll be a Turner Prize contender.

Lastly, the failures, in terms of cool. Brian Ferry's son, Otis, for being a pro-fox-hunting activist. And Peaches Geldof – well, she's so overexposed that most of the country is sick of reading about her. All at the grand old age of 19.