Songs named after days of the week: The Top Ten


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This list was Tom Doran's idea. I thought we might be able to do it using David Bowie alone ('Drive-In Saturday', 'Thursday's Child' and 'Friday on My Mind'), but had to allow some lesser artists in to make up the numbers. And, obviously, the week starts on Sunday.

'Everyday is Like Sunday' Morrissey, 1988

Nominated by Adam Huntley. (I still think "every day" should be two words.)

'Sunday Girl' Blondie, 1979

Breezily ushered in by Tim Mickleburgh.

'Manic Monday' The Bangles, 1986

Nominated by both Adam Huntley and Tom Doran.

'Blue Monday' New Order, 1983

Nominated by the same Monday- obsessed pair.

'Ruby Tuesday' The Rolling Stones, 1967

A gem from Tom Doran.

'Wednesday Morning, 3am' Simon and Garfunkel, 1964

Yet another from Tom Doran.

'Thursday's Child' David Bowie, 1999

From that man Doran again.

'Friday on My Mind' The Easybeats, 1966

David Waddington, Marc Blanc and Rob Marchant agreed that the original beats the Bowie cover.

'Friday I'm in Love' The Cure, 1992

Sarah pitched in with Robert Smith's paean to enduring amour.

'Drive-In Saturday' David Bowie, 1973

The grand finale and final word from, yes, Tom Doran.

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