The Barometer: Airbird; Spector; Death Cab for Cutie; Dirty Hands; Ed Sheeran; Bloody Beach; Oh Land; Sissy and the Blisters

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Surfer Girl

Experimental electro that comes closer to 'Pet Sounds'' majesty than the countless indie bands currently claiming a Beach Boys influence.


Never Fade Away

Sophisticated Pulp-esque pop. The half-crooned vocals and a deliberately OTT production turn this into an incredibly exciting debut single.

Death Cab for Cutie

You Are a Tourist

The first single from the band's eighth album is a fine slice of contemporary pop. Its bright synths are nothing if not arena friendly.

Dirty Hands

It Breaks My Heart

Ronettes-referencing rock'n'roll from one of our favourite unsigned acts. Intense verses give way to a cool and catchy chorus.

Ed Sheeran

Wayfaring Stranger

A vocal-led record that manages to skip through several genres – folk, dubstep, beatboxing – while never losing its minimalist feel.

Bloody Beach

Gonzo Blues

Swaggering indie rock'n'roll clocking in at just two minutes. Cool and unpretentious.

Oh Land

Sun of a Gun

Artful post-pop mixing the best bits of Kylie and Katy Perry with an electro edge. Watch your back Jessie J.

Sissy and the Blisters

Let Her Go Now (Live)

Steve Lamacq-endorsed post punk. The Vaccines, The Strokes and Interpol are contemporary references, but the roots of Sissy and the Blisters feel a lot deeper – taking in everything from Thee Headcoatees to The Standells. Fans of garage rock take note.