The Barometer: Azealia Banks; Radiohead; Citizens; Twerps; John Maus; M83; Keaton Henson; Dreams; Gabriel Bruce

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Azealia Banks


The perfect showcase of the 'NME' Cool List winner's talents. Whether rapping profanely or singing in a rich soul voice over heavy rave beats, Ms Banks is as gifted as she is cocky.


Bloom (Jamie xx Rework Part 3)

Jamie Smith is the star here, reworking the 'King of Limbs' track for a second (not third) time. Eight minutes of dark techno, this is head and shoulders above his previous effort.


True Romance

Produced by Alex Kapranos, Citizens' chirpy, childlike debut single will be released in December.


Coast to Coast

Breezy, romantic, indie-pop rock'n'roll. A great example of how effective an unfussy melody can be.

John Maus

Hey Moon

Lethargic dream-pop packed with sparkling synths and a great repetitive piano riff.


Midnight City

Epic, glamorous electro-pop that's set to soundtrack 2012.

Keaton Henson

You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

Traditional stripped-down acoustic folk given a modern twist by the brittle-voiced 23-year-old's surrealist lyrics.


Make It Right

Sitting somewhere between retro electro and jittery 'chillwave', this is an incredibly disorientating track.

Gabriel Bruce

Sleep Paralysis

An innovative soundscape inspired by the sleep disorder.