The Barometer: Blondes; Frank Ocean; MIA; Roxy Music; Shabazz Palaces; Primitive Weapons; Jack White; War; Frankie Rose

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Heady transcendental dance bursting with minimal loops. An ideal soundtrack to those vaunted "lost weekends".

Frank Ocean


Despite his 1990s "slow jam" influences, the Odd Future balladeer sounds fresh and (relatively) cliché-free.


Bad Girls

MIA recites simplistic lines over Eastern instrumentation, while Danja provides a snappy beat on which the song rests.

Roxy Music

Avalon (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Version)

Released earlier this week, this gloomy remix manages to retain the jazzy, romantic feel of Roxy's original ballad.

Shabazz Palaces

Are You... Can You... Were You?

Soulful hip-hop centred around a sharp off-beat piano hook and subtle funk horns.

Primitive Weapons

Quitters Anthem

Gothic hardcore mixing the theatrics of Marilyn Manson's 'Antichrist Superstar' with mystical Eastern chants.

Jack White

Love Interruption

The first offering from the former White Stripes man's debut solo LP is a raw, acoustic rocker that, White claims, is so personal it "could only be presented under my name".


Somme, Maggio

Another new demo track from Denmark's lowest-fidelity, electro-punk supergroup.

Frankie Rose

Know Me

Brooklyn's indie ace-face returns as a sultry, C86-referencing, electro-pop princess.