The Barometer: Bob Dylan; Grizzly Bear; Corneile; Sliimy; Stornoway; Deerhunter

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Bob Dylan, Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

A tasty blend of blues, rumba-rock and Tex-Mex accordion from the new album: Dylan brings Chicago to New Orleans, then takes them both across the Rio Grande.

Grizzly Bear, While You Wait For The Others

A hit of vivid and dreamy folk-rock, surging to uplifting, heart-swelling harmony.

Corneile, Man Of This World

A thoughtful slant on acoustic soul that's smoother than a Werther's Original.

Sliimy, Wake Up

This exuberant piece of summer pop went to No 2 in France. They might have got it right.

Stornoway, On the Rocks

Five charming minutes of jittery, melodic folk from this Oxford five-piece.

Deerhunter, Operation

An art-rocking revelation from their Weird Era Contd. album – you'll instantly want to hear it again.