The Barometer: Death Grips; Blouse; Field Music; Outer Limitz; Zulu Winter; Dive; Here We Go Magic; MV & EE; Solar Bears

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Death Grips

I've Seen Footage

More gloriously unreconstructed hip-hop from Death Grips. Mixing apocalyptic imagery with a Salt'N'Pepa-esque beat, it's still, somehow, completely cohesive.


Pale Spectre

A slow, haunting cover taken from the second instalment of Captured Track's tribute to post-punk band The Wake.

Field Music


This Pet Shop Boys cover, inspired by nostalgia for the brother's parents' driving music, stays faithful to the original, only adding a layer of darkness to the subtle pop.

Outer Limitz

I Kontakt

A swaggering pop single driven by an ultra-cool beat.

Zulu Winter

Silver Tongue

Clean and upbeat indie-rock. The band clearly has its eyes on commerciality, particularly during the soaring, Coldplay-esque pre-choruses.


Bambi Slaughter

Yet another cover version, this one a loud and fuzzy take on an old Kurt Cobain demo.

Here We Go Magic

How Do I Know?

Another teaser release from the Brooklyn band's forthcoming third LP. Chirpy, wholesome indie-pop.



Sparse, reverb-laden folk with a vaguely countrified rock edge. Not entirely unlike Neil Young – particularly during the extended proto-grunge-influenced guitar solo.

Solar Bears

Cosmic Runner

Discordant electro-rock with a crunchy, broody bassline.