The Barometer: Dirty Hands, M.I.A. Pete and the Pirates, Smith Westerns, Fixers, Tribes, Pandit, Kyla La Grange, Lil Wayne ft Cory Gunz

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Dirty Hands

Baby, Life's Too Short

The Strokes-meets-tough Fifties rock'n'roll. As angsty and heartfelt as a James Dean movie. Expect big things. ( )


Bad Girls

Spiralling synths and a beat produced by the Timbaland protégé Danja. This is M.I.A. back at her very best.

Pete and the Pirates

Winter 1

A drum- and bass-driven effort from Reading-based indie-pop heroes returning to under-appreciated form. File next to Mystery Jets.

Smith Westerns

All Die Young

Finally, these scuzzy punksters reveal their sing-along glam-rock influences. This could be an outtake from Bowie's 'Hunky Dory'.


Iron Deer Dream

Hazy, Beach Boys-influenced surf pop from, erm, Oxfordshire? The nasal, dual vocals are perhaps more Blink-182 than the intended Jan and Dean, though.



Hotly tipped grunge revivalists. Fans say Nirvana, critics say Feeder. We're hearing post-'Pinkerton' Weezer.


Pack Your Bags

A beautifully fragile song with waves of melody, not a million miles away from early Coldplay.

Kyla La Grange

Walk Through Walls

Dramatic indie-rock with an Arcade Fire influence.

Lil Wayne ft Cory Gunz

6 Foot 7 Foot

Weezy is back with the first single from his forthcoming 'Tha Carter IV'. Is that a UK grime influence we're hearing?