The Barometer: Gross Magic; Lykke Li; Mabel Love; Stoosh ft. Suave Debonair; Drive; Nicolas Jaar; Seams; Lapalux; Disclosure

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Gross Magic

Sweetest Touch

Hook-laden and fuzzy – this lead track from the 'Teen Jamz' EP suggests Sam McGarrigle could be Brighton's answer to Ariel Pink.

Lykke Li

Live on the Moon

Eat your heart out, Shangri-Las. The Swedish pop star does tragic 1960s-style pop ballads easily as well as the originals. Her slightly flat vocal adds a depth of naïve emotion.

Mabel Love

Hardened Face

Moody indie rock à la mid-period Arctic Monkeys. A fairly meat-and-potatoes affair, but catchy.

Stoosh ft. Suave Debonair

Fuck Me

Bubblegum pop isn't quite as subtle as it once was. Gone are the lush strings, innuendo and platitudes; it's all fairly literal sex talk these days.


No Feel

The spirit of the early 1990s is alive and well on this grungy indie-pop number.

Nicolas Jaar

Stay in Love

Chirpy upbeat house. Jaar has been around a while but his recent Glastonbury show was a real coming-of-age.


Focus Energy

A heavily condensed piano sample and thin, repetitive beat drive this near-perfect, lo-fi dance track.


And Then End

This is about as dark as electro-pop gets. Inspired by the death of a bird and packed with atmospherics.


Just Your Type

Croydon-based teens making minimal 2-step garage.