The Barometer: Jessie J; Dustland; Young Buffalo; The Boxer Rebellion; Bright Eyes; Typical Girls; Lil B; Breach; Eat Y'Self Pretty

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Jessie J

Price Tag ft B.o.B

This wholly commercial pop song could quite easily push Jessie J from hyped UK sensation to international star.



Remember The Bravery? At 17-years-old Dustland probably won't, but if you were a fan of the Noughties electro-goths you'll love this.

Young Buffalo

Three Deep

Huge "rawk" production inspires comparisons with Mona, but YB's indie awkwardness is defiantly British.

The Boxer Rebellion

Step Out of the Car

Produced by Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams), there's a real buzz around TBR's return. This intense preview track is a worthy showcase of Johns's talents.

Bright Eyes

Haile Selassie

Conor Oberst tackles African history on this grower of a track. A departure from their normal sound; think a less digital-obsessed Grandaddy.

Typical Girls

Our Real Is Real

A chunky, minimalist bass line rumbles beneath spiky guitars and echo-laden vocals.

Lil B


Experimental rhythms, deconstructed synths and a Kanye West-esque taste for public self-analysis makes Lil B an interesting prospect.


Fatherless (T Williams Remix)

An underground dance smash becomes even more funky.

Eat Y'Self Pretty

I Was Born on the TV

Jittery, angular art-rock that makes up in speed and spirit what it lacks in subtlety.