The Barometer: Kai Fish; Grass House; Björk; Martyn; Ganglians; jj; Former Bullies; Shabazz Palaces

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Kai Fish

My Anima

An intriguing solo effort from The Mystery Jets' bassist. The song's fuzzy atmospherics are not dissimilar to early Florence and the Machine.

Grass House


Claustrophobic, country-inflected indie, which somehow recalls both Townes Van Zandt and Last Shadow Puppets-era Alex Turner.



The second promo track from 'Biophilia', Björk's eighth studio album. Despite an unconventional structure, the haunting percussion and detached vocals ensure commercial appeal.



Hard, housey beats, loaded with high-energy samples.


Van Mix

A 12-track, beautifully sequenced mixtape of the music Ganglians listen to on tour. Plenty of underground hip- hop and experimental electro.


Your Love (Live at Wah)

The Gothenburg-based band turn The Outfield's slightly cheesy 1980s power-pop anthem into a fragile, Laura Marling-esque torch song.

Former Bullies

It Might Be OK

Slacker garage pop from Manchester. File alongside The Castilians and Sex Beet.

Shabazz Palaces

The King's New Clothes Were Made by His Own Hands (Live at Tomcast)

Overshadowed by posturing and autotune, the musicianship behind much modern hip-hop is easily overlooked. This track and its accompanying full band live video help set the record straight.