The Barometer: Lana Del Rey; Frank Ocean; Death Grips; Mina Tindle; Real Estate; Nas; Hot Chip; Titus Andronicus; THEESatisfaction

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Lana Del Rey

Blue Jeans

LDR's new single is big on vintage glamour, smouldering like Nancy Sinatra with rockabilly guitars and casual references to James Dean.

Frank Ocean


Taken from Odd Future's new mixtape, the group's in-house crooner returns with a soulful track based around little more than piano and voice.

Death Grips

Lost Boys

This is the third track to be leaked from one of the two albums the sinister Sacramento-based rap group is releasing this year. Dark and aggressive.

Mina Tindle

To Carry Many Small Things

The young Parisian specialises in cute and quirky pop.

Real Estate

Exactly Nothing

Laid-back indie's unfashionable image isn't stopping this breezy Byrds-meets-Hüsker Dü jangle-fest from drawing praise in the blogosphere.


The Don

Featuring beats from the late Heavy D, Nas's new single is a celebratory, Jamaican dancehall-referencing affair.

Hot Chip


Layers of reverb give a lo-fi feel to this eight-minute cut of pleasantly rambling dance.

Titus Andronicus

Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape with the Flood of Detritus

An unreleased demo as epic and impassioned as its title.



The hip-hop duo release their debut album next week. This track is a standout.