The Barometer: LCD Soundsystem; Lupe Fiasco; Gold Future Joy Machine; Yuck; Mountain Man; Damien Jurado; Katy Perry; Guru

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LCD Soundsystem, All I Want

"All I want is your pity," sings James Murphy on the latest track from his band's upcoming new LP, but all we'll give is heartfelt praise for this swooning electro ballad.

Lupe Fiasco, Love Letter to the Beat (feat Alicia Keys)

The quick-witted Chicago MC goes retro hip-hop on this well-timed comeback.

Gold Future Joy Machine, My Dopers Cadenza

These UK newcomers deliver a debut that slams together electro keys, 1970s rock'n'roll swagger and sharp lyrics.

Yuck, Suicide Policeman

The north London indie-pop band give away this wistful and swooning song on their blog

Mountain Man, Animal Tracks

Contrary to their name, they are a trio of young women, from Vermont, here blending Americana and folk with their haunting harmonies.

Damien Jurado, Cloudy Shoes

Both melancholy and joyous, the Seattle singer-songwriter soars on the beautiful opening track from his forthcoming LP 'Saint Bartlett'

Katy Perry, Electric Feel

A poppy take on what is now an electro classic, Russell Brand's latest squeeze covered MGMT and we liked it.

Guru, Loungin'

A lovely example of the rece ntly departed MC's jazz-tinged rap, from his 1993 'Jazzmatazz' album, made with the help of the revered trumpeter Donald Byrd.

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