The Barometer: Massive Attack vs Burial; The Horrors; The Golden Filter; Morning Parade; Kindness; Leopard of Honour; Renaissance Man; Forest Swords; Torches

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Massive Attack vs Burial

Four Walls

This throbbing 12-minute mix makes up half of a long-awaited two-track joint release with Massive Attack. Ghostly and disorientating.

The Horrors

I Can See Through You

The new single from critic-dividing third album 'Skying' sees The Horrors fully engage their psychedelic side.

The Golden Filter

Mother (Theme from Syndromes)

The lead track on the soundtrack to Future Shorts' movie 'Syndrome', this track mixes subtle electronica with glam-pop production.

Morning Parade

Us and Ourselves

Fans of 1990s Britrock will no doubt fall for Morning Parade. "Us and Ourselves" is an anthemic, emotional rocker that recalls Feeder, A and Ash.



Hipster muzak or chilled out, lo-fi dance? Either way, this track is making waves.

Leopard of Honour

Good Wives

A more laid back follow-up to their earlier ultra-slick, ultra-modern material.

Renaissance Man

What Do You Do When You Do What You Do?

The electro-pop act may hail from Finland, but this steel drum driven track exudes the spirit of a summer carnival.

Forest Swords

Bones (Ghost Hunter)

Released by No Pain in Pop to thank the label's fans for donating to its Red Cross fund. A truly hard-hitting remix.



Dark dramatic indie in the vein of White Lies.