The Barometer: Metronomy; Mozart Parties; Esben and the Witch; Trash Talk; Lou Reed & Metallica; Netherlands; Out Like a Lion; Crushed Beaks

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Everything Goes My Way

Featuring Veronica Falls vocalist Roxanne Clifford, this is a stripped down, old-fashioned indie pop track in the vein of Belle & Sebastian or a less fuzzy Summer Camp.

Mozart Parties

Black Cloud

Finger clicks and a syncopated rhythm may seem out of place in a song about depression, but Mozart Parties clearly approach the subject with an element of black humour.

Esben and the Witch

Hexagons II (The Flight)

The lead song from a new concept EP based upon the six sides of a hexagon, "The Flight" features rich electronic instrumentation and a chiming Wu Lyf-esque guitar.

Trash Talk

Burn Alive

Led by Denmark's IceAge, 1990s-style hardcore punk is having a real resurgence in these politically and economically volatile times. Clocking in at less than two minutes, "Burn Alive" sees Sacramento-based Trash Talk come of age.

Lou Reed & Metallica

The View

Worth a listen; out of curiosity if nothing else. Metallica's guitars chug away aimlessly. Lou Reed sounds like a ranting, park-bench drunk.



Netherlands make warm psychedelica that recalls a less-eccentric, early Pink Floyd.

Out Like a Lion

Sunday Skin

Emotional pop rock that picks up where The Kooks left off. Clean, jerky guitars and a textbook indie vocal.

Crushed Beaks

Sun Dogs

Scuzzy pop punk drenched in genuine church-hall echo.