The Barometer: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All; Burial and Four Tet; Jack White; Tanlines; Neon Indian; Grimes; THEESatisfaction; Lapalux; Boys from Patagonia

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

NY (Ned Flander)

Violence, substance abuse and profanity. Odd Future are, as ever, controversial and compelling in equal measure.

Burial and Four Tet


This surprise collaboration evolves from an eerie, aquatic soundscape into a bright dance track. Expect an official Text Records release soon.

Jack White

Sixteen Saltines

Fierce electric guitars, stop-start riffs and classic Americana lyrics? It must be Jack White, premiering his excellent new song on last week's 'Saturday Night Live'.


All of Me

Uplifting, world-music-influenced beats blend with indie crooning to produce a near-perfect pop song.

Neon Indian

Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow Remix)

Remixed for World Record Day, this track acquires newfound clarity and brightness.



An intriguing mix of perky 1980s new-wave and soothing 1990s chill-out from the ethereal Canadian pop rebel.



Soulful and mystical, not to mention vaguely threatening, the ultra-hip Seattle duo  evoke a (very) modern Fugees.



Wavering digitalised vocals, faux naivety and spaced-out bass lend this track some serious atmosphere.

Boys from Patagonia

Rimini '80

Tense, slightly camp electro-pop from the Italian cousins.