The Barometer: Outfit; King Krule; Laura Marling; Automatic Writing; Fractures; Washed Out; Sam Duckworth; Cashier No 9; Jack Bugg

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Two Islands

Releasing a six-minute long debut single takes guts, but this funk-pop odyssey is fresh enough to withstand full and repeated listens.

King Krule

Has This Hit

The musical vehicle of Archie Marshall, King Krule's discordant indie rock was a highlight of France's MIDI Festival.

Laura Marling


Marling adopts a Nico-esque brusqueness on this heavily countrified first single from her forthcoming third album, 'A Creature I Don't Know'.

Automatic Writing


Despite enjoying this synth-rock track, the obvious "comparison", particularly vocally, has to be with the "Being a Dickhead's Cool" video.



Powerful, dark and dramatic new wave. On first listen one would have assumed this inappropriately titled track was made in 1980.

Washed Out

Wicked Game

Barely recognisable chillwave cover of the Chris Isaak hit.

Sam Duckworth


The former Get Cape Wear Cape Fly frontman kicks off his solo career with this moody, desert-rock number.

Cashier No 9

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Another cover, this time of a Bob Dylan track. Cashier No 9 turn Bob's country ditty into a haunting, dream-pop anthem.

Jack Bugg

It's True

Pleasant, earnest indie that, sadly, feels deeply uncool.