The Barometer: Pusha T ft Kanye West and Young Jeezy; Hyde & Beast; Howler; This Many Boyfriends; I Break Horses; Veronica Falls; Icona Pop; Belgrade; Bos Angeles

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Pusha T ft Kanye West and Young Jeezy


Heavy, hooky and dangerous, Pusha T makes some of the most interesting pop hip-hop around today. Young Jeezy's slurred vocal is a highlight.

Hyde & Beast

Never Come Back

Irregular time signatures, backwards guitars, music hall pianos and a Salvation Army brass section give this track a real 'Sgt Pepper'-feel.


You Like White Women, I Like Cigarettes

Scratchy guitars sit beneath muffled, slightly crooned vocals. Ten years after The Strokes released 'Is This It?', Howler bring back lo-fi rock.

This Many Boyfriends

Young Lovers Go Pop!

Pure good time rock'n'roll. The Vaccines' showed similar upbeat pop punk promise before releasing their ballad- heavy debut album.

I Break Horses

I Kill Your Love, Baby!

The sultry Swede delves into shoegaze and electronica.

Veronica Falls

Bad Feeling

Like a modern-day "Paint it Black", Bad Feeling mixes a stomping beat with sinister bass and an exotic lead riff.

Icona Pop

Nights Like This

Squelchy, Rihanna/MIA-esque hipster pop.


Poster Boys

Dark and oppressive, this track broods with the best of them. A class act live as well.

Bos Angeles

Beach Slalom

Moody post punk from the south coast. Bernard Sumner would be proud of the song's dramatic guitar breaks.