The Barometer: Santigold; Lambchop; Alison Krauss; The Drums; Danny Dusk and the Twilights; Sauna; Colleen Green; Black Tambourine; Simian Ghost

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Disparate Youth

Catchy and innovative; Santigold mixes classic rock songwriting with experimental electronica and Julian Casablancas's pseudo-New-Wave drawl.


Gone Tomorrow

A seven-minute melodic ramble from the Nashville country act. Irresistibly poignant.

Alison Krauss

The Simpsons Theme

To mark the show's 500th episode, Alison Krauss has turned her attention to a reworking of "The Simpsons"' familiar theme tune.

The Drums


A sparse third single – out at the end of the month – from the Brooklyn scenesters' second album, "Portamento".

Danny Dusk and the Twilights

Life ain't Clear

The latest incarnation of jangle-pop trailblazer Sonny Smith. "Life' ain't Clear" mixes Chuck Berry's riffs with Jay Reatard's brattish attitude.


Wanting You

The much-hyped Denver band provide some extremely catchy retro loveliness. Best Coast go to the prom.

Colleen Green


Taken from their Descendant's referencing EP "Milo Goes To Compton", this is perfectly minimalist pop-punk.

Black Tambourine

What's Your Game?

A lesser known Ramones trackgiven a complete fuzz-pop makeover.

Simian Ghost

Wolf Girl

Sparkly indie-pop, packed with downbeat melodies and stop-start riffs.