The Barometer: Sin Fang Bous; Chapel Club; Weezer featuring Lil Wayne; Marj J Blige; Metric Help; Michael Jackson

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Sin Fang Bous Advent in Ives Garden

An engaging kaleidoscope of electro-pop, acoustic guitar and chanted vocals from Sindri Mar Sigfusson, the latest quirky talent to emerge from Iceland.

Chapel Club Surfacing

Bold, brutal and lyrically captivating, debut single from a hotly tipped London band, which twists the old standard "Dream a Little Dream" into something sinister.

Weezer featuring Lil Wayne Can't Stop Partying

Weezy joins Weezer for some unlikely indie rap-rock.

Mary J Blige I See In Colour

This stirring ballad is custom-made for the reigning Queen of hip-hop soul.

Metric Help I'm Alive (acoustic)

Canadian songstress Emily Haines and her band of travelling indie popsters drop the electro for a new acoustic EP out this week, of which this is a highlight.

Michael Jackson Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

As the Jackson memorial industry kicks into gear this week, it's best to remember him with an old classic.