The Barometer: Speech Debelle; Florence Rawlings; Thom Yorke; Dan Black; Riceboy Sleeps; Cornelia

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Speech Debelle Searching

Homelessness is a rare inspiration in rap, but Mercury nominee Debelle proves it's a subject worth examining.

Florence Rawlings Take Me in Your Arms and Love Me

A sassy new white soul singer gies a fresh feel to a sixties classic on her fine debut album A Fool in Love.

Thom Yorke All for the Best

From Ciao My Shining Star, an album of Mark Mulcahy covers, released to aid the singer and his children after the sudden death of his wife, Melissa.

Dan Black Let Go

The melancholic final track on Black's debut album, Un, this will take you back to the "chill-out" era of the late 1990s. In a good way. Honest.

Riceboy Sleeps Happiness

Meditative and moving, this is a standout track from the new album by Sigur Ros frontman Jon Birgisson and his boyfriend Alex Somers.

Cornelia Livin it Peach

A mellifluous rap track from Sweden's newest star.