The Barometer: Sufjan Stevens; Alpines; Mona

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Sufjan Stevens - I Walked

Distinctive and infectious, this track from the new album 'The Age of Adz' finds Sufjan Stevens (below) anatomising a collapsed love affair, while a heavenly choir croons over glitchy electronica.

Alpines - Ice and Arrows

All that's known about this mysterious duo is that they are from Kingston upon Thames, but that hasn't stopped bloggers raving about their indie-rock tunes.

Mona - Lines In The Sand

These hyped Nashville rockers hit London last week, with this track a particular standout from their entertaining live show.

Ruff Diamondz - Alrite Stillll

Taking influence from Jamaican dance-hall and the hip-hop attitude of TLC, Ruff Diamondz (below) are sure to gain from urban music's recent dalliance with the mainstream.

The Mariner's Children - Back I Beat The Waves

If Mumford & Sons' beardy earnestness is up your country track, try this mandolin-heavy offering from Brighton's The Mariner's Children.

Wyatt, Atzmon, Stephen - For The Ghosts Within

Haunting, exotically eclectic blend of strings, reeds and organ from Robert Wyatt's new collaborative effort.

The Red River - When We Are Wild

Mournful and joyous, this track from the Californian pop collective's album 'Little Songs About the Big Picture', combines harmonies, a lo-fi beat and horns.

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