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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Hazy, 1960s girl group-inspired indie backed by hip-hop drum machines and vintage movie samples. A stand out track on their recent Pledge Music- funded debut album.

Wild Beasts

Thankless Thing

Recorded during the 'Smother' sessions, this track is finally seeing the light of day as a B-side to forthcoming single "Reach a Bit Further".



The artist also known as Erika M Anderson (above) pours her heart out in a breathtaking vocal performance that is half growl, half whisper.


Be Around

An outtake from Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor's recent debut solo album. Chromeo's funk-pop is a clear influence.


Years Go, Days Pass

Melodramatic electro-pop from Sweden. Moody synths create a wall of atmospherics, which sit beneath a heavily auto-tuned vocal.

Male Bonding

Tame the Sun

Carefree indie influenced by the same slacker rock icons as Yuck. Messy brilliance.

Cave Painting

So Calm

Downbeat synth-pop with a distinct afrobeat influence and hook-heavy vocal.


Now Hear

The former Ou Est Le Swimming Pool man adds Coldplay-esque pianos to his fuzzy, melancholic synths (above).

Teen Daze

The Harvest

Hazy, nostalgic, reverb-laden pop. The hipster-bait band name gives the game away.