The Barometer: The Drums; Spector; Charlene Soraia; Grass House; ZZT; Cage The Elephant; Mr. INTL; Dum Dum Girls; Throwing Snow

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The Drums

Blue Stripes

The B-side to the band's new single 'Money' is all haunting falsettos and subtle hooks. Second-album-syndrome seems to have been avoided.


What You Wanted

The second single from the Dalston indie band comes with a video shot in their self-mythologised local pool hall.

Charlene Soraia

This House

Upbeat coffee-house jazz guitars back a self-consciously cute vocal. The song, however, is greater than the parts.

Grass House

A Cradle, A Short Breath

A Nick Cave-esque croon turns this otherwise chirpy indie-pop song into a dark and brooding beast.


Vulkan Alarm

The first single from Tigaand Zombie Nation's ZZTcollaboration. Great video too, revealing the collective's art-school influences.

Cage The Elephant

Shake Me Down

Surprise heroes of the Reading and Leeds festivals. The band's neo grunge works on record too – particularly this blast of anthemic noise pop.


Give It To Me

Featuring Hercules and Love Affair's Andre Butler and SDF producer Jason Kendig, this has a real '90s house feel.

Dum Dum Girls

Bedroom Eyes

Another teaser track for their forthcoming second album. Polished, Blondie-esque pop.

Throwing Snow

The Shadower

This bass heavy dance track has a video full of moral panic-baiting found footage.