The Barometer: The Horrors; Kaiser Chiefs; Bastille; Crowdpleaser; Leopard of Honour; Beaty Heart; Death Grips; Son Lux; Folly & the Hunter

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The Horrors

Still Life

A preview from their forthcoming third album 'Skyring'. Early doubters were silenced by their acclaimed second album and this track continues its experimental 1980s feel.

Kaiser Chiefs

Little Shocks

Hiatus over, Kaiser Chiefs return with a brooding number. Their deft touch with a pop hook remains, but a new, Nick Cave-esque intensity stalks the track.


Flaws (Starshapes Remix)

Look past the Jack Penate-esque indie soul vocals and this is an understated gem.


Turbo 102

Minimalist instrumental electro that burns slowly but refuses to outstay its welcome.

Leopard of Honour

Vulpin Palmistry

The production is deliberately dated, but beneath the funky beats lies a polished slice of post-chillwave magic.

Beaty Heart

2 Good

Beaty Heart take Vampire Weekend's Afrobeat melodies and add multiple keyboard layers to create a trippy, almost psychedelic feel.

Death Grips

Guillotine (It Goes Yah)

Intense, brutal and disorientating – this is boundary-breaking hip-hop. Intense.

Son Lux

All the Right Things

Like Hot Chip, Son Lux are rooted in dance music but as likely to embrace blasting horns as a vintage synth.

Folly & the Hunter


Lo-fi folk that's bound to delight fans of Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes.