The Barometer: The Kills; Kurt Vile; Fleet Foxes; The Barettas; Death from Above 1979; Boat; SoLo ft Young Mel; Cold Cave; Toro Y Moi

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The Kills


Theatrical yet brooding, this is the first single from The Kills' upcoming fourth album. Sounds like The Dresden Dolls, with fuzzy guitars.

Kurt Vile

Overnite Religion

Earnest and subtly experimental a la Gomez. An interesting little campfire ballad but, in all honesty, it's unlikely to change your life.

Fleet Foxes

Helplessness Blues

Undeniably similar to their debut album, but somehow familiarity only adds to FFs charm. Besides, they're still way ahead of the copycats.

The Barettas

Black Sheep

Pitched as "rockabilly", this is actually just pop rock with a twangy guitar buried in the mix for retro authenticity. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Death from Above 1979

Blood on Our Hands

The Toronto noise-rock duo announced their live return early this week. Fingers crossed they'll play this.


(I'll Beat My Chest Like) King Kong

Radio-friendly slacker rock. Like Blink 182 covering Pavement. Excellent, if you like that sort of thing.

SoLo ft Young Mel

Movin' Out

SoLo's early verse is fairly obnoxious, but Young Mel more than salvages this track.

Cold Cave

The Great Pan Is Dead

Fast and loud; it's refreshing to hear synth-pop that doesn't rely on atmospherics.

Toro Y Moi

New Beat

Presumably tongue-in-cheek. If so ,file this outrageously funky cut next to The Virgins.