The Barometer: Twin Shadow; Memory Tapes; Little Comets; Dot JR; Hunx and His Punx; Hoodie Alien; City Reign; Light Asylum; Cut Copy

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Twin Shadow

When We're Dancing

We can't get enough of Twin Shadow with their Smiths-esque melodies and what can only be described as the "power synths" from 10CC's "I'm Not in Love".

Memory Tapes

Today Is Our Life

Is that an 808 drum machine we hear? The sound of 1982/2008 returns to haunt this noisy new wave track.

Little Comets

Joanna (A Cappella Version)

Dropped by Columbia, LC's Vampire Weekend and The Futureheads-inspired new album will be released on tiny indie label Dirty Hit.

Dot JR

Top of the World

Super-slick pop/rhythm'n'blues that revolves around a Chris Martin-style piano loop, and explosive post-Akon synths.

Hunx and His Punx

Lovers Lane

This opening track from their debut album is a 1950s-style ode to "making out".

Hoodie Alien

Dreams Up

A fresh take on the kind of singalong hip-hop that filled the charts in the 1990s. Think Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life".

City Reign

Out in the Cold

Fans of Yuck and Dinosaur Jr will approve of CR's anthemic, grunge. A million failing garage bands will ask why.

Light Asylum

Dark Allies

Electro-goth has been threatening a revival for a few years now. Could this be it?

Cut Copy

Need You Know

Slow burning with pulsing synths, this track soon becomes starry-eyed euphoria.