The Bonus Track: Another Day, Another Time in New York; Morrissey's second cousin; a 'feat' too far; 96-years-old and still rocking

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Talkin' NYC blues

How much do we wish we lived in New York and had a ticket for the Another Day, Another Time concert at the end of this month “ Celebrating the music of Inside Llewyn Davis”.

Inside Llewyn Davis is the new Coen brothers film about the Sixties NYC folk scene due out here next year. The concert features the film's cast (Carey Mulligan, John Goodman etc) performing songs alongside Jack White, Gillian Welch, Joan Baez, Patti Smith, the Avett Brothers, a Mumford, a Decemberist and many more. Oh brothers, where art the UK dates?

My cousin Morrissey

Never Had to Shout is the name of the debut, OK-if-you-like-that-sort-of-thing album by a London-Irish folk singer called Anto Morra. We need to know this only because Morra (real name Anthony Morrissey) is Morrissey's second cousin. Which would be exciting if the songwriter hadn't admitted recently: “ Morrissey and I don't really know each other. But I hope he gets to hear this record.”

A 'Feat' too far

It would seem that the “so-and-so Feat so-and-so” craze is finally on the wane. The evidence? Only a handful of Feat singles troubling the top 10 recently, and this, an all-time low of the genre, DJ/artist Charlotte Devaney's “Flip It” Feat Snoop Dogg:

Rock of ages

You're never too old to rock, a fact proved by the success of Fred Stobaugh, 96, who penned a song for his late wife that hit the US iTunes top 10 last week. Watch a 10-minute feature about the making of “Sweet Lorraine” here:

Next week's biggie

The Independent on Sunday reviews Manic Street Preachers' Rewind the Film. Watch the video for the haunting title track, with Richard Hawley on guest vocals, here: