The Mouse that soared


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Mouse on Mars are already known for some esoteric works that are far from club bangers, not least their Von Südenfeld side project with The Fall's Mark E Smith. So when the electronica duo, who gained a cult following in the Nineties, were given the chance to work with a classical ensemble, it is no surprise that rather than rehash old tunes they collaborated on an ambitious new piece. In fact, Paeanumnion has been in development for two years.

Following its belated September premiere in Cologne, Mouse on Mars and the 25-strong musikFabrik now bring the one-hour piece to the UK. Its made-up, nonsense title hints at the leftfield dance music producers' playful nature, though there is some serious intent in a work that includes up to eight wildly disparate movements, which build into a kaleidoscopic experience with acoustic instrumentation and synthesised sound finding some kind of harmony.

How do the the pair respond to playing under the baton of the conductor André De Ridder. "We don't enjoy it," explains Jan St Werner from the pair. "Some of his hand movements are really hard to understand, though it's cool because it's like playing with a drummer."

'Paeanumnion', Barbican, London EC2 ( tonight