The Playlist: Ben Khan / Rhodes / Jackson Scott

The songs that are hot on our playlist this week

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Ben Khan - Eden

The London singer-songwriter is something of an EDM Beck, throwing everything from slick guitars to dirty synths and distorted horns into the mix to see what sticks. It's lyrically dubious however, not least on the line “palms to the sky for a religious high.”

Rhodes - Raise Your Love

The Hertfordshire newcomer's haunting vocals and plaintive guitar, as displayed on the title track on his debut EP, prompted Laura Marling and Rufus Wainwright to invite him on tour.

Jackson Scott - Sandy

Woozy and dreamlike, the Australian garage rocker channels Sixties psychedelica on this ode to teenage escapism.

Blood Orange - Chamakay

The lead single from Dev Hynes' forthcoming album, 'Cupid Deluxe' (pictured), “Chamakay” is packed with hazy synths, washed-out melodies and Nineties pop guitar lines.

Fiend ft. Wais P - Drop Top Chevy

The half-stoned, sizzurp-fuelled music made by Fiend and his producers, Drum Gang, has helped turn Atlanta into one of hip-hop's most exciting new locations.