The Playlist: James Blake/ Mogwai/ Sunless '97 / Chvrches / Death Wolf / Kurt Vile


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James Blake


Typically stripped down electronica. Blake embraces soul balladry throughout and, aside from a smart, ticking snare drum, avoids tech wizardry.


Wizard Motor

Taken from the band's soundtrack for French TV series “Les Revenants”, this is an emotionally heavy track dominated by the smooth synths and fuzzy guitars.

Sunless '97

Aurora I

The hype surrounding the group may have died down as guitar bands return to indie's main stage, but that's only meant Sunless '97 have grown more experimental.


Recover (Cid Rim remix)

This Recover remix pushes Chvrches into chilled-out dance territory (above).

Death Wolf

Death Wolf March

Black metal guitars abound as Marduk's Morgan “Evil” Hakansson embraces his commercial side.

Kurt Vile

Wakin on a Pretty Day

A sweet little ditty that sounds as bright and cheerful as its upbeat title. A country guitar adds a touch of modern folk-Americana.