The Playlist: Jay-Z, Kanye West and Big Sean / Death Grips / Deptford Goth / Freddie Gibbs ft Dana Williams / Angel Olson / FUR / Menomena


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Jay-Z, Kanye West and Big Sean


Produced by the Grammy nominated Hit Boy, this is slick, expansive hip-hop from artists in full flow. Pitchfork's description of it as 'centre of the universe' music is spot on.


Death Grips


Naming a song after your Twitter handle may not be very cool, but this party track is something is something of a red herring on the band's dark and raw new LP, 'The Money Store', anyway.


Deptford Goth

Life After Defo

The electro-pop songwriter from New Zealand, Daniel Woolhouse follows up his excellent debut LP with this menacing, gospel-tinged new single.


Freddie Gibbs ft Dana Williams

The Hard

From Gibbs's forthcoming 'Baby Face Killa' mixtape, featuring the daughter of Michael Jackson's 'Off The Wall' guitar player David Williams.


Angel Olson


Taken from Olsen's second album 'Half Way Home', released next week, 'Acrobat' is dark, timeless folk mixed with smoky cabaret.




More scratchy electronica from FUR. 'The Yonder EP', from which this track comes, was released earlier this month.




This third teaser track from the group's forthcoming album 'Moms' is soulful electro-indie pop.